Nintendo’s N64 Is Revolutionary But Has Left Many Games Behind

Jun 29th, 2018 | Posted by

Nintendo’s first console with 3D games, the Nintendo 64, revolutionised a couple of beloved franchises and genres. And with the SNES Classic now available, the Nintendo 64 is the next home console in line to conceivably receive the Classics treatment. IGN left the system’s library down to 16 games only which took out most of the favourite games for the Nintendo 64bit console. Yes, there might be better iterations of many of those games on later Nintendo systems, but most of them are foundational to the N64’s history.

Therefore, sorry Banjo Kazooie fans. We are disappointed, too. Games were chosen in part due to their legacy being associated with the Nintendo 64 specifically. That is why you won’t see much in the way of multi platform games on this list, as though they can have been better games, they are not necessarily defined by their links with the N64. Since we aimed to create a list that not only hit a lot of the console’s high notes, but additionally represented a broad range of games in all genres, some of your favourites and even some of ours were likely left off the list. Our favourite Game of War is left out but its cheats is still available to use. We don’t know how well the game of war cheats is going to help when game of war isn’t available for it.

And with all that out from the way, here’s our N64 Classic Wishlist. Make sure to let’s know which games you think should be included in this alleged console in the comments below. Assuming these problems persist, DK64 is still a strong example of Rares platforming heyday, aside from the overabundance of collectibles. Rare proved the possibility of first person shooters on a console couldn’t just work, but additionally be a lot of fun with GoldenEye 007. Shooters, and their controls, have come a considerable way since, but the fun campaign and classic multi-player is a reference point for the system and the shooter genre, earning itself a spot on the list. Even when it means dealing with your annoying friend who only plays as Odd Job all over again. Originally released in 2000 – Majoras Mask is among the weirdest Zeldas out there, and also probably the most uniquely fun to play.

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