WhatsApp Account Tracker Well Working In Britain

Jul 7th, 2018 | Posted by

We’ve all watched spy movies like James Bond Series where we were astonished to see how a mobile phone can be hack and spied. In fact almost any Television show which involves clandestine operations show an arsenal of personal tracking gadgets that would make even Q from the James Bond movies jealous. So what if somebody made an Apple iPhone application that would enable you to track any WhatsApp Account in the world? For a start it’d raise serious questions regarding the tracking capabilities of WhatsApp Hacker. Even more important though, you could keep tabs on family members, members of the family, living enemies and anyone else who’s WhatsApp Account you’d and privacy you wanted to invade.

If this all sounds pretty deceptive for something you could download in the http://www.literaturaenpapelhigienico.com store for free, then there will be a very valid reason behind that. WhatsApp Hacker is an Apple iPhone application that initially seems like a bit of software that does precisely that. Opening the application shows you Google Map of the world, zoomed out to give the impression of some global capabilities. In the top there’s an input field, into which you can punch a number for the cell phone that you would like to track the position of. We started off by spying the WhatsApp Account of a friend who works in Baker Street in central London, not far from the KYM headquarters.

When the application started polishing further and further into central London, we were pretty astounded. It appeared to be working. Nevertheless, it eventually stopped by polishing into the KWM headquarters themselves. After attempting a couple more telephone numbers in Finland, Scotland and Canada, we soon realised that any WhatsApp account we spied we entered or added in from our contact book were going to home in on KYM Headquarters. At the end we went back to the applications page in the App Store to read the info page more thoroughly to find that this is in fact a prank app. The idea is that you tell a buddy that you have got a Phone tracking application, punch in his number and the application tracks his location.

Obviously, your friend is standing right next to you at that time and therefore the application is really homing in on your location using your iPhones GPS navigation beacon. That is a pretty hilarious prank.

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