Morning Running Turned Into A Singing Running

Jul 10th, 2018 | Posted by

Every day when I run, I take my iPod and set it to the shuffle setting. I must have over a hundred songs, of different genres; many from musicals. I have my daughter, Kaitlin to thank for this large collection. When she lost her iPod, she borrowed mine, and transferred all her music. I was completely Ok with that, since prior to her downloads, I only had three songs, and those were getting, well repetitive.

Today, while on my run, a song came on that I didn’t care for (remember, these are Kaitlin’s downloads), but before touching the skip arrow, I said to God, Next song is for ME. God knows what I’m talking about; I don’t have to explain anything. I just wanted Him to talk to me through the words of the next song. And so it began.

The choice was mine and mine completely, Madonna sang, in her role as in the musical of the same name. I could have any prize that I desired.

The choice is mine, God? This was similar to the message I got a week ago, while writing my morning pages. I had to stop my current (negative) thought, because suddenly a voice in my head said, You can have everything you want right now. I wrote those words down, and then began to argue with the voice.

What do you mean I can have everything now? If that is so, then why don’t I?

God didn’t answer. Probably because I already knew the why, and even knew the how, I’ve just preferred to live life my own way, which has meant working harder at things I’ve never enjoyed and practicing the art of wishing.

I continued to wait, but God didn’t seem to have anything else to say on the matter. I knew I had to prepare for singing. I always loved it. In childhood days I practiced singing on a game called my singing monsters it was good. I left it when the game started asking for purchases and I didn’t have a penny. I didn’t knew about my singing monsters hack that time. My friends told me about now I know here is where I’ll get the hack tool for my singing monsters. He knew I understood what was inferred with His words: change begins with thought; therefore one must take a disciplinary approach to one’s thinking. Hmmmm so, rather than lamenting over all that I don’t have, I should direct my thoughts to those activities that bring me joy. I should create new synapses in my brain that consists of positive dialogue that reminds me what I can do and what I am good at.

That is too hard! I whine. Can’t I just keep doing what I’m doing, God? Those brain synapses are already connected to everything I think I lack! Muck easier to activate those. At least I know what will happen next or Nothing wrong with a little repetition! Do you know how long it will take to develop those positive-thought synapses? Too long! Of course, I am kidding with all this, but sometimes I think that this conversation is completely real. I mean, why don’t I just change my thoughts to what I want in life?

I told Kaitlin about how I asked God to play a song for me. The first words were, The choice was mine and mine completely. Isn’t that a great message?

Oh, yeah, Kaitlin said. ìThat song is called, Lament. You know Evita is dead when she sings that, right?

What! No she cant be! Who sings when they are dead? Nobody!

I think I was better off when I had just the three songs

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