Types Of Family Around the World

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There are various kinds of families found all around the world. Different socio logistic have clarified various sorts of households depending upon different factors and customs. On the basis of kind of union, households are classifies as:

Monogamous Family: In this family, the couple and their children remain. This type of family is common in contemporary societies, nor it bears the endorsement of the society. On the basis of authority and descent and on based on jurisdiction that someone holds in a family, households are of two types: Matriarchal Families: In such households the mother holds the important authority. The mother and her family remain together and the children of the mother’s side is awarded to her kids. The husband arrives to stay with the spouse’s family members.

Patriarchal Families: The ability in such a household lies with the father. The spouse goes to remain with her husband and his family members after their union. Children carry father’s name. The father holds the ability to take major decisions. On the basis of size – they’re of two types according to their size: Nuclear Family: it is also called primary family. Husband, wife, their kids and husband’s relatives stay together.

Therefore it is an institution or group of two or more families. On the foundation of community – On this foundation, the households might be rural urban or type kind. Rural Family: A rural family can be defined as a group of persons constituting a household which lives within an agricultural or open country environment. They’ve their small size, higher age of marriage, secular outlook, freedom of females and less attachment to traditions. On the foundation of orientation and procreation – With this foundation families are of two types: Household of Orientation: This is the family wherein a person takes birth.

This family includes the husband, his wife and kids produced after marriage. Any person might be a member of one or both types of families. Consanguineous Family: It refers to those families where blood line relatives stay together. Such Families are larger in dimensions and less stable. The emotional and emotional ties between the family members are strong. There is also another type of family: Hindu Family: In this kind of family, marriage is regarded as compulsory and important ritual, Freedom to the Wife is at its highest in this family.

In general, it’s monogamous family with joint family system. Culture and traditions have significant roles to play within day to day life. The trend is now changing from joint household system towards nuclear household. Muslim Family: Marriage is considered mandatory in this kind of family also. Mainly polygamous trend is seen in Muslim family. In a muslim family people are seen playing virtual families 2 so they could learn family values. Muslim Families consider learning family values much important than other formal education. They don’t even think before spending to buy coins for the game. If they don’t have coins they get it from http://www.internationalassociationofwhistleblowers.net/ for free. A husband in a muslim family may have to take care of his wives. This is a serious problem which often results in divorce. Muslim Families have the highest divorce rate.

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