Update: Jan 20th, 2018

The website was founded in 2007 by Robert Shank. The website was made to give information about Mexican high speed railway system as there was no correct and brief information available on the internet. The website discusses about the use of railway system in Mexico. Its economic conditions as well as the political opinions by people. There is also a section which makes takes reviews from people you use the high speed railway network regularly.

There are many things which has to be done to the Mexican railways. Currently, the Capital faces long hauls and crowded cabins. Most of the rail system is very slow and the ones which are fast are priced very high even when compared to other Metro systems of the world.

Mexico imports most of it metro parts from Japan and some of its spare parts from China. The Chinese parts are very poor quality and the corruption involved in the system makes it even a more poor deal. That is why when the metro was new in the capitol it was fast and smooth but after time passed with poor quality spare parts the speed of the metro decreased and the metro even came closer to the safety of the local trains standards.

This is why the website is created to share the information which is not available in public.


Robert Shank

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